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China Silver Group Enters Hazardous Waste Treatment Industry Strives to Become a Leading Industrial Hazardous Waste Treatment Ecotechnology Enterprise in Near Future

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HONG KONG, 25th July, 2018 - Leading Chinese silver and precious metal enterprise, China Silver Group Limited (“China Silver Group” or “the Group”; Stock Code: 815.HK) is pleased to announce the launch of a new business of ecotechnology industrial hazardous waste (IHW) treatment. This is a new development of the Group with its the original silver manufacturing, new jewellery retail and silver exchange businesses. China Silver Group aims to capture the rapidly growing hazardous waste market with tamping technology and become a leading IHW treatment ecotechnology enterprise in China within a short period of time. The Group expects to expand and strengthen its IHW treatment business in order to maximize shareholder value through enhancement of waste treatment capacity as well as industrial mergers and acquisitions.


Hazardous waste comprises of solid or liquid materials with one or more hazardous characteristics: corrosive, toxic, highly flammable, reactive or infectious. IHW is a main source of hazardous waste.


The technical requirement for IHW treatment is high, especially the extraction of rare metals in low content. The Group’s subsidiary Jiangxi Longtianyong Nonferrous Metal Company Limited (“Longtianyong”) possesses the required ability to treat around 40,000 tonnes of hazardous waste. It adopts a comprehensive environmental production process which ensures all materials are recycled without producing solid waste. It was one of the first companies to be recognised as a “Circular Economy Exemplar Enterprise” in Jiangxi Province. Longtianyong also received the “Circular Economy and Resources Comprehensive Utilisation” fund from the National Development and Reform Commission. With over a decade of research and development, the Group possesses advanced IHW treatment technologies with more than 30 intellectual property rights and exclusive technologies. Currently, Longtianyong’s recycling rate of rare metals extracted from hazardous waste including silver, gold, lead, antimony, bismuth, copper, zinc, tin and indium etc., is 80% or above, which is much higher than the average rate of 10% to 30%.


In terms of domestic environmental policy, the Ministry of Environmental Protection issued policies on hazardous waste disposal in 2016 and 2017 to strengthen supervision. In May this year, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment launched the “Waste-off Action 2018” to expand the scope of supervision, strengthen supervision process and shorten the time for rectification. Illegal handling of hazardous waste has been included in the criminal law. In the context of national intensive supervision, the demand of eligible hazardous waste disposal will increase significantly. According to market forecasts, the national IHW capacity will reach 128.59 million tonnes in 2020. Assuming 55% of IHW is handled by third-party

companies with a hazardous waste treatment license, the treatment capacity will reach 70.72 million tonnes in 2020, which is 3.34 times higher as compared to the 16.29 million tonnes in 2016. The compound growth rate will reach 44.4% in 2017-2020. The cash flow and profitability of the hazardous waste industry is very attractive of which the gross profit margin has remained at more than 30% and the overall profit of the industry has maintained a growth rate of more than 20% per year.


Mr. Chen Wantian, Chairman of China Silver Group, said: “China Silver Group is in a great position in the IHW treatment industry. The Group will be able to capture a massive market share with a comparatively small investment, as well as to gain good economic and social benefits with a lower marginal cost. The Group will grasp the rapidly growing hazardous waste treatment market through expansion of its current waste treatment capacity as well as mergers and acquisitions. We hope to become a leading IHW treatment ecotechnology enterprise in China within a short period of time. At the same time, we will be actively seeking partners in the environmental industry to jointly invest and develop environmental projects other than hazardous waste treatment, including industrial wastewater treatment, leachate treatment and flue gas treatment.”


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China Silver Group Limited

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