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| With integrity we lead, with vision we conquer

China Silver Group places great importance on the preservation of China’s cultural heritage as well as the pursuit of higher living standards. Adhering to the highest standards of traditional Chinese craftsmanship, the Group embraces traditional craftsmanship and fuses it with modern fashion designs. Through stringent quality control and management, all products have been thoroughly tested to meet the highest standards. With the aim of building an enduring brand, the Group endeavors to create timeless works of art. China Silver Group is dedicated to become a leading silver retail brand which combines top-notch operations with an emphasis on artistic merit. By consolidating our existing silver manufacturing business, expanding our New Jewellery Retail business and developing the promising silver exchange business, we will ultimately establish a world-leading fully-integrated silver and precious metals enterprise.

| Business Philosophy 

Integrating the core corporate values of integrity, perseverance, ambition and excellence to achieve mutual success. 

Integrity and quality are the cornerstones of China Silver Group’s corporate culture. Since our establishment, we have been relentless in our quest for excellence and perfection, building a foundation to sustainably maximize shareholder value. We are committed to providing the best products and services to our customers, and to improve our marketing and management to achieve mutual success.

| Product Guarantee

With a standardized and systematic production process and strategic orientation towards the mass market, China Silver Group ensures that throughout the entire production cycle, from ingot production, jewellery design and manufacturing, to retail operations (including after-sale services), every piece of product is tested thoroughly before it reaches our customer. Only products of impeccable quality will be sold at our various sales channels.

| Our Vision

To become a world-leading fully-integrated silver and precious metals enterprise.