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Founded in 2002, China Silver Group (00815.HK) is a leading silver producer in China and among the select few silver manufacturers in China capable of producing silver ingots with purity grade of 99.999%, currently the world’s highest standard. The Group is one of the 17 Chinese members of London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and has been ranked as one of 20 most popular silver brands in China for twelve consecutive years...
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01 New Jewellery Retail Business In order to complement and consolidate our existing silver manufacturing business, China Silver Group is currently branching out into the downstream retail sector...
02 Manufacturing Business The Group is one of the leading silver producers in the PRC which manufactures high-grade silver ingots for industrial and trading purpose...
03 Silver Exchange The Group acquired Shanghai White Platinum & Silver Exchange as a cornerstone of developing the silver exchange business, as part of its plan to become a leading vertically-integrated silver enterprise...
04 Our Brands We are among the largest vertically-integrated retail operators in China, which is supported by over 150 self-owned, third party and designer brands...
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